Launch pad is committed to helping beginners learn how to ski. That’s why since 2010 we have been selling the most advanced ski training system on the market designed for beginners. And it works!

We understand that as a parent who loves to ski you want to share this fun and rewarding activity with your child or children. However, we also understand how difficult that process can be when they are first learning to ski. Because we are passionate about skiing we want to make the learning experience a lot easier for both the student and the teacher, whether you’re a parent or a full-time ski instructor. Our team of experts includes Olympic champion Picabo Street who is extremely excited and passionate about this product.

What We Offer

Our innovative products, namely the Hookease, the Wedgease and our extremely useful Ski Harness, are designed with one goal in mind: to make learning how to ski easy, quick and enjoyable for beginners.


Hookease – This game-changing product has already made a huge difference on the slopes for any parent or kids ski trainer who has used it.


Wedgease - This is another valuable tool that allows your beginning skier to learn to turn and make a ski wedge with ease.


Harness - Spend less time bending over to lift and more time helping your student stay on his or her feet. This ski harness is great for getting your little one on the lift chair, too.

Although our products are specifically designed with kids in mind, they can be used for anyone who is trying to learn to ski.

Why Choose Launch Pad?

There are dozens of ski training tools to choose from, but only one offers the advanced technology of the patented Launch Pad ski training system. No one else is like us and no one else can offer the revolutionary products we have designed and manufactured for the skiing world. Our products are designed with both fit and functionality in mind. These products are built to attach to your gear and stay there until you choose to take them off. Plus, they won’t damage that special paint job on the top of your skis that you love so much.

Take a Closer Look!

If these products have you excited and ready to throw your gear in your car and hit the slopes right now, then take a closer look and see what they can do for you. We are sure they will make your ski training experience a hundred times better. Check out our product pages to get more details and see how bundling can save you money. Then hit the slopes and be ready to see your beginner take off!