About Us - Launch Pad Gear

When it comes to teaching young students how to ski we are the experts. We understand what it takes and our products are designed to make the ski training experience fun and exciting. Our patented system is changing how young skiers learn the art of skiing. To learn more check out our product pages and see why our system is like no other.

At Launch Pad, we design, create and sell sophisticated ski training helps for children who are learning how to ski. Our patented products have changed the way instructors teach kids to ski and the way new students learn the ropes on the slopes. We offer several accessories, but our three most important products are the Hookease, the Wedgease and the Ski Harness.

Our uniquely designed and manufactured products have been approved by ski instructors and parents from around the world, and endorsed by one of the most decorated skiers in U.S. history, Picabo Street. The Hookease, Wedgease and Harness have been proven to work time and time again on the slopes. Using these products is the best way to teach kids to ski.

No successful company can run by itself. The people behind the products have to be just as good as the products themselves. Launch Pad is no exception. We have also built a high quality team to go along with our high quality products in our effort to revolutionize the method that beginners learn to ski. Our team includes:

Ron Kipp, Advisory Board

Ron-St.-Christoph-powder“Launch Pad products are essential for teaching your kids to ski.”Ron Kipp – Advisory Board”

Ron Kipp is the Alpine Sports Education Manager for the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association. He did his Ph.D. work in motor control at the University of Utah prior to working with the U.S. Ski Team’s Sports Science Department as Director of Athlete Preparation. He has also coached and was the Head Physiologist with the U.S. Ski Team’s Men’s Alpine World Cup Team, and was Assistant Director of Coaches Education. He has worked with the Norwegian Men’s Alpine National Team as an on-hill coach and sport science consultant. For five years he was the Education Manager for PSIA-I (Professional Ski Instructor’s of America). Ron has authored or co-authored over 40 scientific published papers on skiing, and has given over 80 presentations nationally and internationally on skiing.

“For generations ski instructors have struggled with the dilemma of assisting their students with the motor movements that hinder development. Hookease is the panacea that instructors have been looking for. Hookease will change the way we teach skiing.”

Rado Pisot, Advisory Board

Rado-PisotRado Pišot is a tenured Professor of Kinesiology (science of human movement), Head of the Institute for Kinesiology Research, and Vice Rector for research and development of the University of Primorska in Slovenia. He had dedicated his research to the motor development, motor control, and motor learning. His research findings have been published in various internationally acclaimed journals. He is the author and co-author of several scientific monographs, reference books, and handbooks. In addition, he has authored several professional and scientific articles. Many of his publications consider skiing. He has been a guest lecturer at many universities and different institutions around the world.

“Knowledge and apparatuses can make the motor learning process easy and interesting. An apparatus must be both instructor and student friendly while teaching the correct fundamentals. Hookease has met these qualifications with their ski training device.

Scott Coleman, Inventor/Founder

Scott-ColemanGrowing up on skis, and possessing a passion for the sport, Scott found himself on the mountain teaching his two-year old son Jaxson how to ski. Experiencing the typical frustrations and struggles, Scott was inspired by his kids to invent a better way to teach the true fundamentals of skiing while creating a wonderful experience for both himself and his kids. According to professional ski instructors, little did Scott know that his invention would, “revolutionize how people learn how to ski.”

Scott is a native of North Ogden, Utah where he married his seventh-grade sweetheart Alyson. As a husband and father, Scott is inspired by his beautiful wife, Alyson, and his three children, Jaxson, Oakley and Brynley. Scott is an accomplished downhill and telemark skier and enjoys heli-skiing with CMH in British Columbia. Scott’s passion and drive for life has helped him to succeed as a college baseball player, triathlete, businessman, and sales manager in the surgical device industry.

Alyson Coleman, President

Alyson-ColemanAly serves as the President of Launch Pad. Aly started her career in nursing and most recently has served as the President of the Aly Coleman Real Estate Team and Director of Vestcomm Properties located in Ogden, UT.

Aly’s true passion in life is spending time with her husband and three children. Regardless if the Coleman’s are hiking in to the high Uintah Mountain Range, skiing through the powder, or water skiing at Lake Powell, the most important thing to Aly is being surrounded by her family.