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Kids Keep it Extreme With Tricks and Jumps

If you’ve paid any attention to snow sports lately, especially the Winter Olympics or Winter X Games, then you know that tricks and jumps are in, whether done on a snowboard or on skis. Snowboarding, both halfpipe and boardercross have been huge Olympic draws since they debuted several Olympics ago. Now this year Slopestyle and halfpipe skiing, along with slopestyle snowboarding are making their debut.

Meet Slopestyle

However, slopestyle, like many new sports before it, has to overcome some stereotypes as it begins its Olympic journey. Many relate snowboarding, and now slopestyle or freeskiing, to young, punk rock, wild teenagers taking over the hills. "The sport originally started because we didn't want rules, said American slopestyle competitor, Gus Kenworthy. “We wanted it to be free and have all this freedom and be unique and creative and individualized. And I think that yeah, the Olympics does take some of that out of the equation."

New Kid on the Block

Like any new idea, slopestyle and halfpipe skiing have to overcome those who see thing as they have always been. However, even though Olympic officials haven’t adopted the wild atmosphere of the X Games, they are discovering that these types of sports are a big draw and they want those young viewers.

Launch Pad Gets it

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We Can Help

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Source: SCPR, “X Games show the Olympics what the kids want,” Robert Smith, Jan. 28, 2014.