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Keep These Tips in Mind for Your Next Ski Experience

As the snow continues to fall all over the country more and more people will be making trips to the outdoors to enjoy snow-related activities, including skiing. According to reports, since the 2002-2003 ski season Americans have averaged more than 57 million trips to the slopes. So there is no lack of activity at ski resorts everywhere.

Make Sure You Have These

With so many people out on the slopes there are some things to remember that can help you enjoy your next ski experience even more, whether you’re brand new to the sport or a seasoned veteran. Let’s take a look at just a few:

  • Durable Gear – with the right equipment a day on the slopes can be great. However, if you choose the wrong gear it can make for a long day. 
  • Warm Clothes – any day in the snow can quickly turn to a miserable outing if you can’t stay warm. Remember to get the right boots, socks, gloves, hat and coat. Skimp on these and you’ll be sorry. 
  • Skin Protection – although the sun may be well hidden behind the clouds if your skin is left exposed to the elements it can quickly be burned. Do yourself a favor and bring some sunscreen; and plan to use it. 
  • Training Tools – any ski experience will be better with the right ski training tools. Using Launch Pad’s creative products like the Ski Harness, Hookease and Wedgease can help your beginner learn fast, which makes your day, and theirs, a lot more fun. 

Launch Pad Can Help

These are just a few things you should be sure to take with you to make your next ski outing a memorable and enjoyable one. Being able to stay warm, dry and on your feet are three major parts of having fun on the slopes. That’s why the innovative products from Launch Pad combined with the right clothes and gear can make your day, weekend or vacation on the slopes a great one.