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Three Tips to Learn How to Ski

What does it take to learn how to ski? Of course, there are several ways to answer that question and it all depends on whom you ask. However, there are a few basic ideas that are universal when it comes to learning how to ski. Taking a run down the slopes can be a scary experience. In fact, for some, just thinking about racing down a hill at high speeds can be enough to keep them from ever trying. However, by putting a few important tips into practice, just about anyone can learn to ski.

The Right Equipment

Every new skier will need the right equipment before he or she takes to the slopes and have success. Buying new gear is always a good choice because used gear may not provide you with the proper safety and durability you’ll need. There are several items that you’ll need but at the top of the list is a good pair of skis, poles, boot clips and boots. With these four things in place you’ll be able to enjoy your skiing experience much more.


The Right Position

Once you have the right equipment you will need to learn the right skiing position. You should start with the traditional position, known as the snowplow, in which you stand with your skis pointing forward, your knees bent slightly and your hands holding your poles with your elbows slightly bent. You can then use your legs to start downhill and your poles to guide you. Launch Pad products provide a great way to help teach this and other important skiing positions.

Learn to Turn

Of course, if you want to make it down the hill safely then you’ll need to know how to turn. Launch Pad products can help you do this, especially our Wedgease, which makes learning how to turn and do a ski wedge a breeze for most beginning skiers.

Have Fun

Learning to ski requires practice and hard work for most, but remembering these three tips can help most everyone learn to ski better and have fun doing it.