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The bottom line is you’re trying to help your child learn how to ski solo. When they reach that point and they’re ready to ski without you right behind them, we’ve included a very handy carrying case for the leashes. You can just conveniently tuck them away in the storage pouch that’s sewn right onto the harness. That means you can still take advantage of the lift handle if they fall or need a boost onto to the lift chair.

Learn to ski with ease!

Launch Pad is all about ski training made easy. We designed our ski harness with so

many great benefits and features that we’re sure your day on the powder will be one to talk about for years to come. The key to having fun on the slopes, especially for beginners, is being able to stay upright. The more time you spend on your back the less fun you’ll be having. That’s why we made the Launch Pad Ski Harness with one purpose in mind: to learn to ski with ease.


Unleash the Shock Absorbing Power

Another great feature of the Launch Pad Ski harness is that it comes with leashes. These aren’t designed to hold your beginner back, but rather they’re designed to let them test their limits. The leashes are attached with a bungee rope, which helps make riding down the mountainside a lot smoother for both the child and the parent. The idea behind it is very simple. It works by having the parent or instructor pull back on the leashes, but you don’t have to worry about your child being yanked down to the ground. The bungee-design ropes absorb most of the tension, which reduces the possibility of you son or daughter getting pulled to the ground.

Great Ski Training tool

The Launch Pad harness serves as an awesome tool to help teach your little one how to get out on the slopes and have success. It’s good for a single lesson, a practice session, or for an entire day on your favorite hill. Once your beginner has learned the basics of skiing with the help of Hookease, our ski harness is a natural next step in his or her ski training. That’s because it allows your child to give some new moves a try but at the same time he or she will be able to stay in control of how fast or slow he or she goes.