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Innovation for a proven concept! This design is being recognized by parents and professionals around the world as the best tip connector available.  Leave your gloves on and forget the old thumb screw designs that you have to put back on several times in one run.  Wedgease stays on tight and when you are ready to remove it, simply flip the lever.


Product Description

Easy for You – Fun for Them

Anyone who has spent the day teaching someone else how to ski understands how frustrating the experience can be. There’s another side to that story. If you as a parent or a ski instructor are feeling frustrated as you struggle to train a new skier, then most likely your student is also feeling that same frustration. That means neither you nor your student is probably having any fun. If your beginner is not having any fun then he or she will most likely not be looking forward to his or her next lesson.

Keep it Fun with Wedgease


In order to make sure that your new skier has a fun and positive experience on the slopes we have designed and created a system that’s both comfortable and easy for you as a teacher to use. It’s also great for your student to enjoy his or her beginning skiing experiences in an unthreatening and positive environment; and the Wedgease is perfect for doing just that. As a parent or ski instructor you will easily see how the Wedgease can make the first time on the slopes a great experience for any beginner.

If you’ve ever done any ski training then you’re probably familiar with a tip connector or a ski wedge. Among all the ski-training tools out there it’s one of the most common ones found in a ski instructor’s arsenal. It’s a proven aid that helps most beginners learn to ski. At Launch Pad we have designed a revolutionary new ski-training tool called the Wedgease. It is a tip connector like no other. The Wedgeas not only helps your student learn how to make a wedge, but it can also teach him or her the basics of turning, which is a vital part of learning to ski. This product can make a huge difference for any instructor who is teaching people how to ski all day.


Innovation for a Proven Concept

The Wedgease offers several benefits for any instructor and student, which include:

• Approved by ski instructors
• Easy clamp system
• Won’t damage the top of your skis
• Comes with a strong and long-lasting bungee cord
• One size fits all
• Comes in both pink and blue

Easy Clamp Action

With the Wedgease you won’t have to spend your day twisting and turning just to keep your tip connector where it belongs. Once the Wedgease has been clamped to the skis it stays clamped to the skis! Plus, it’s safe to use because it won’t damage the top of your skis and it’s designed to fit skis of all shapes and sizes. So add it to your cart today and start enjoying a better training experience tomorrow.

Get Your Wedgease

At Launchpad we set out to design and build the best products for helping you help your beginner. We want your training experience to be effective and we want your students’ experience to be both educational AND fun. We also want to help your new skier reach the next level. No one wants to worry about fussing with his or her gear up on the mountain. That’s why we have developed Wedgease to function the way you would expect. We know that if you use Wedgease to help train your student it won’t disappoint. So give it a try: order now!