Check Out What Others Are Saying About the Wedgease

At Launch Pad our mission is to help everyone who wants to learn how to ski be able to do exactly that. With the help of our innovative products beginning students can learn easier and ski instructors can have more success. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Our products are unmatched in the industry and as more people use them, more people are talking about them.


According to one father, who was trying to teach his young boys to ski, the Wedgease “improves upon traditional ski tip connecters by providing an effortless clamping system that is easily applied and removed.” He also noted how the Wedgease doesn’t damage your skis and is a quality product. According to this father, who wrote about his experience with Wedgease on his blog, this product has done a tremendous job of helping his son learn how to ski. It has improved his technique as well as taught him to make a “pizza” or a wedge.

This father also noted that although they bought two Wedgeases only his younger son used it. When the boys were done training at the end of the season his younger son had a higher skill level than the older son who didn’t use the device.


Meantime, according to a review on the Wedgease “is one of the best learning devices we have seen.” According to the product reviewer he was skeptical about recommending a product that was more expensive than the usual wedgies. However, after giving it a try he was basically blown away. He writes: “This product is so superior to the other options that not only do I feel good about selling it, I recommend it over the less expensive options we also sell.”


Last, but not least, notes: “taking kids skiing is made easier with this revolutionary tip connector, Wedgease.” They also call it a “refreshing product for ski instructors who are teaching multiple ski lessons every day.”

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The verdict is in, the Wedgease by Launch Pad wins the gold medal for teaching kids to turn and do wedges. Learn more.