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Have you ever tried to teach someone how to ski? If so then you know how difficult that can be, especially when your student is a young person. If your little guy or girl isn’t picking it up quickly then it probably won’t take long for him or her to lose interest; and thus your day on slopes becomes a real downer. It’s for that reason that Launch Pad has created several simple, but exciting products that can change the way your students learn to ski. Our Products Not just anyone can strap on their sticks and start gliding down...

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Do you love skiing? Do you have kids? If you answered yes to both of those questions then chances are you want to teach your little ones to enjoy the slopes as much as you do. Skiing can be a great family experience but teaching your kids how to ski can be difficult. Plus, if it doesn't go well, then they may be turned off by the experience and your dream of a great family skiing vacation could be ruined. Learning Options There are many learning options to choose from, but they don’t necessarily make it a whole-family experience. One...

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For most kids learning to ski can be challenging. Of course, some kids are naturals and can take off on their own after a lesson or two. But for most, it takes some time to learn how to get balanced on skis and then to eventually take off on their own. Apart form the balance, most kids need to learn the simple nuances of skiing, like standing and walking on skis as well as the proper stance and positioning when actually moving down the hill. Ski Training Aides One of the best ways to help kids learn to ski is...

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