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Choosing the Right Ski Training Tools

For most kids learning to ski can be challenging. Of course, some kids are naturals and can take off on their own after a lesson or two. But for most, it takes some time to learn how to get balanced on skis and then to eventually take off on their own. Apart form the balance, most kids need to learn the simple nuances of skiing, like standing and walking on skis as well as the proper stance and positioning when actually moving down the hill.

Ski Training Aides

One of the best ways to help kids learn to ski is to utilize ski training tools or aides that are designed to help kids with the basics and have fun doing it. There are of course many ski-training tools to choose from, including tip connectors and ski harnesses, but some are definitely better than others.

  • Plastic Skis – these offer a great alternative to metal skis for kids to get started. They are relatively inexpensive and they are great for giving kids an initial feel for skiing down a hill.
  • Tip Connector/Ski Wedge – these devices are designed to help your young skier learn how to turn and wedge and teach them to control their speed. They connect the tips of your child’s skis, which means they can stay in control. Launch Pad’s Wedgease is the best tip connector available because it works and it won’t come off unless you take it off. 
  • Ski Harness – a ski harness allows your beginner to feel a little more in control, while still being able to have the help of the teacher. Launch Pad’s Ski Harness is different than most because it’s made with bungee-like ropes that won’t pull your student to the round. 

The Launch Pad Difference

At Launch Pad we offer the most innovative and effective tools for learning to ski. Any parent or kids’ ski trainer should give our products a try if they are teaching a beginning skier. These products offer unmatched success when it comes to teaching kids to ski. If you’re looking for ski training tools, then look no further than Launch Pad’s Wedgease, Ski Harness and Hookease systems.