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Idea on the Slopes Leads to Teaching Tool for Kids

Have you ever had one of those aha moments, when all of a sudden something clicks and you realize you may have just thought of something that could help a lot of people? Those moments happen to a lot of people but not everyone has the ingenuity or drive to make those ideas a reality. Thankfully, the creator of Launch Pad did.

A Better Alternative

When Scott Coleman took to the snowy slopes of Utah to teach his young daughter how to ski he quickly discovered that the process was tiring, cumbersome and not really all that much fun. Before Launch Pad existed kids ski trainers really had basically two options to teach a kid how to ski. He/she could either ski backwards to help the student down the slopes or actually try to hold onto the skier. Now, thanks to that aha moment ski training is much easier.


The Birth of Hookease

Coleman decided that there had to be a better way to teach kids how to ski so he took matters into his own hands. He crafted a device in his own garage, which simply clamped to his daughter’s skis. The device was actually guided by hooks that were attached to his skis. With the device in place Coleman and his daughter hit the slopes again; only this time she felt like she was actually skiing, which accelerated the learning process. Thus, the Hookease system was born.

Ski Training Success

It didn’t take long for other parents and teachers to start asking questions and that’s when Coleman realized he could be onto something big. Soon he was working with a patent attorney and eventually he launched the ski training system now known as Hookease. You can now find parents and ski trainers all over the slopes using the Hookease system, as well as other Launch Pad products, to teach their kids and students how to ski. Click here to learn more about Hookease.