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Learning to Ski Can Be Fun With Launch Pad Products

Have you ever tried to teach someone how to ski? If so then you know how difficult that can be, especially when your student is a young person.

If your little guy or girl isn’t picking it up quickly then it probably won’t take long for him or her to lose interest; and thus your day on slopes becomes a real downer.

It’s for that reason that Launch Pad has created several simple, but exciting products that can change the way your students learn to ski.

Our Products

Not just anyone can strap on their sticks and start gliding down the snow-covered hills like a pro. However, launch pad products are designed to help new skiers feel comfortable a lot faster so they can start enjoying the experience a lot sooner. Our innovative products will help young skiers become more successful on the slopes. They include the following:

  • Hookease
  • Harness
  • Wedgease

 How They Work

Each of our products is designed to make skit training easier for both the student and the teacher. Here’s how they work:

  • Hookease – the Hookease system slides into your student’s skis and can be adjusted to the ski’s width. It clamps to the back of the ski with a gripping material that won’t come undone. You can then control you student’s turns and speed with poles that attach to the clamp. 
  • Harness – this product is worn like a backpack and includes ropes for the instructor to control the student from behind. It’s perfect for the young skier who has the basics down and is ready to push things a little further. 
  • Wedgease – this simple product connects to both of your student’s skis and it stays there until you’re ready to take it off. With this tip connector, or ski wedge, in place your student can learn to make a wedge as well as perform basic turns. 

Why They’re Fun

All of these products are great to have in your arsenal if you’re teaching someone how to ski. Plus, we make them easy to use and easy to buy with our bundle packages.