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Remember to Have Fun When Teaching Kids to Ski

Are you a ski enthusiast? Maybe you consider yourself an expert? Perhaps you are just beginning but you already enjoy the sport a great deal. Whatever the case, chances are you have had the opportunity to teach someone else how to ski, including a young skier. Even if you want your young student to pick it up quick so they can go enjoy the big runs with you, you have to give them enough time to learn the basics.

It’s All About Fun

Learning to ski can be difficult and it’s important to remember that every student will learn at his or her own pace. The most important thing for the teacher to remember is to keep the experience fun for the kids. If kids aren’t having fun, no matter how hard you try, they aren’t going to enjoy the experience. You have to make it fun if you want them to keep coming back.

Tips To Have Fun

These are few things to keep in mind when you decide to teach your young student how to ski:

  • The kids are in charge – if your little one isn’t ready don’t push him/her. 
  • Promote the love of snow – share your love of snow as much as possible. 
  • Show them the gear – let your child see, handle and wear the gear. 
  • Start on the baby slopes – don’t overdo it too soon; start small. 
  • Get the right tools – having the right ski training devices, like the Hookease from Launch Pad, can make a huge difference. 

We Understand

At Launch Pad we understand that you love to ski and that you can’t wait to share that love with your little one. However, remember to let them go at their own pace and don’t push them too hard. If they have fun, they will keep coming back and that means in time they will get it down, which means soon you can enjoy the sport you love so much, together.