Tips to Make This (and Next) Ski Season Better

Ski season has already been in full swing in several places across the country. However, there is still plenty of good skiing left on the slopes as winter weather continues and the snow keeps piling up. Plus, with the Olympics front-and-center on more than 25 million people’s TV screens, winter sports, including skiing, are sure to be getting a boost.

Equipment for Sale

Although there’s still plenty of time to hit the slopes this season, many retailers are already starting to put their equipment and gear up for sale at a discount. This means you can get brand new ski equipment at a great price and it won’t really even be outdated. You might not be able to find everything you want, but there should be enough to get you all set up for next year, and the rest of this season.

Plenty of Options

There are plenty of options to choose from, but these are just a few of the things you might want to consider to improve your ski experience:

  • Wider Skis – wider skis can help with turning and give you more stability. 
  • Warmer Clothes – clothing designed for skiing is different than regular outerwear. Now might be a good time to get a new jacket or pair of ski pants. 
  • Better Fitting Boots – proper fitting boots are so important to the skiing experience. If your boots aren’t perfect, consider a new pair. 
  • New Helmet – although helmet technology hasn’t changed a lot, if you’ve taken any hard hits to your helmet then you might consider replacing it now. 
  • Accessories – the list of accessories is long, but now is a good time to replace anything on your list that is a little too worn out. Goggles, poles, masks and gloves are all possibilities. 

Ski Training Accessories

When it comes to accessories, don’t forget about Launch Pad’s ski training tools. Our products will help any beginner learn to ski with more ease and less time. Designed with the young skier in mind, these products can help your child or student quickly learn the basics and gain confidence on the slopes. With these advanced training tools almost anyone can learn to ski.

Source: Canton Rep, “Five things to do today to ski better tomorrow,” Feb. 10, 2014.