To Use a Ski Harness or Not to Use a Ski Harness: That is the Question

When it comes to ski training tools and learning to ski there are many different options students and teachers have to choose from. There are many things to consider when using a kids ski trainer, like what age is appropriate for these items and how soon do you move from one tool to another. One question that many parents have is whether or not to use a Ski Harness.

Harness Their Potential

Using a ski harness can be a very effective tool for many young skiers. Once your student has the some of the basics down a ski harness can help him or her take the next step. A ski harness allows your little one to get the feeling of freedom, while at the same time giving you a leash to make sure he or she is still safe and has help when needed. A ski harness is not for everyone, but for many it can be a great tool to learn to ski.

  • When to use a harness – ski harnesses are mainly designed for very young students, usually between 2-4 years old. They are also best for students who haven’t learned yet to stop, turn or control their speed. 
  • When not to use a harness – if your child is older than five then using a ski harness may not be best. If you have to consistently pull on the ropes to rein your child in, then maybe he or she is ready to ski harness-free. 

Launch Pad’s Ski Harness is Different

Launch Pad has designed the best ski harness on the market. According to one parent on, who used our harness to teach her child, it was a good fit and the handle was great for lifting after a fall. The bungee ropes made for a gentle pull, and the parent noted that Launch Pad is the only company she has seen with this feature. She summed it up by saying: “honestly, there wasn’t anything about the design that we didn’t like.” Click here to learn more.