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What Makes the Right Ski Training Tools?

There are a lot factors that play an important role in learning how to ski, including the conditions, your instructor, your own natural ability and the training tools you have available. Ski instructors use all kinds of tools when they teach their students but it’s important for those tools to be helpful to both the instructor and the student. Launch Pad’s products are designed with that purpose in mind.

Good for the Instructor

Besides not spending the day laying face first in the snow, the goal for any new skier is to be able to learn the basic fundamentals of skiing and to be able to head down the slope without help in as little time as possible. At Launch Pad our products help beginning skiers achieve that goal. The Hookease, Wedgease and Harness are three great tools that more and more ski instructors are using to train their students how to ski. With these products an instructor can spend more time teaching and less time helping kids to their feet.

  • Hookease – an instructor can easily glide behind students and help guide them without having to head down the hill backwards. 
  • Wedgease – allows the instructor to more easily teach students basic maneuvers such as turns and wedges. 
  • Harness – allows instructors to safely ski behind students while giving them more control but still allowing the instructor to teach and train. 

Good for the Student

These tools offer several benefits to the student as well, which include:

  • Hookease – student can experience the proper skiing techniques while still knowing the instructor is there to help. 
  • Wedgease – anyone who wants to learn to ski has to learn how to turn and to make a wedge. This tool helps beginners learn faster. 
  • Harness – your student won’t feel a constant jerking from the ropes thanks to the bungee-style ropes we use. He or she will also feel more freedom to go at his or her own pace and won’t spend the day on the ground. 

The Right Tools

The right training tools can make a huge difference in ski instruction. At Launch Pad we have the right tools.